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My cousin, TALLON, was reported MISSING today. He is an AUTISTIC BLACK TEEN AND IS COMPLETEY NON-VERBAL. HE DOES NOT RESPOND TO HIS NAME. This young man went out for his daily bike ride, unattended, and did not come back. Tonight, HE IS IN LA BY HIMSELF. He is 6’0, 200lbs, and was last seen wearing a white t shirt and khaki shorts. PLEASE SIGNAL BOOST!!




Fibonacci you crazy bastard….

As seen in the solar system (by no ridiculous coincidence), Earth orbits the Sun 8 times in the same period that Venus orbits the Sun 13 times! Drawing a line between Earth & Venus every week results in a spectacular FIVE side symmetry!!

Lets bring up those Fibonacci numbers again: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34..

So if we imagine planets with Fibonacci orbits, do they create Fibonacci symmetries?!

You bet!! Depicted here is a:

  • 2 sided symmetry (5 orbits x 3 orbits)
  • 3 sided symmetry (8 orbits x 5 orbits)
  • sided symmetry (13 orbits x 8 orbits) - like Earth & Venus
  • sided symmetry (21 orbits x 13 orbits)

I wonder if relationships like this exist somewhere in the universe….

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i dofnt know what any of this means but these gifs are so raw im gonna rbelog it anyway

the fibonacci sequence is as close to a universe easter egg as we can possibly get. it’s a repeating pattern of numbers that you see fucking everywhere!

it appears in shit like this, from things like mathematic fractals, to the way fruits and plants grow, to the golden ratio that ALL of our proportions fit into, and a ton of other totally unrelated fucking things like the bending of light through water, how veins, rivers and lightning are connected in pattern shapes, and so on and so on

some people say it’s evidence of god, some people say it’s an artifact of us 3D beings travelling through higher dimensions, many agree it’s the truest essence of beauty and the connection between math, science and artwork…

its p. neat tho you gotta admit

Damon Albarn Looks To 2016 For New Gorillaz Album

Gorillaz fans everywhere are happy and feelin’ glad. Damon Albarn, frontman for the animated-electronic outfit, has announced that a new Gorillaz album
is in the works and slated for a 2016 release.

After reuniting Blur in 2009 (and again in 2012), Albarn revealed in an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald that he is currently in the process of “reactivating Gorillaz for a 2016 release.” The record would serve as the fifth full-length LP from the UK collective, and the first album from Gorillaz since 2011′s iPad-crafted The Fall.

Albarn has kept himself busy with a slew of side projects and collaborations since parting with Blur in 2003. his most recent being a 2014 solo record entitled Everyday Robots. After releasing a second album with Gorillaz in 2005, Albarn teamed up with UK rock icons Paul Simonon (The Clash), Simon Tong (The Verve), and drummer Tony Allen to create the supergroup The Good, the Bad, & the Queen. Albarn revealed that a new album for that project is already written and just needs to be recorded. When asked about how he manages to keep so many projects going, Albarn cited his enthusiasm to create as the culprit behind his neverending need to work.

I was just excited to create and still am. I love working with people, essentially. I do drive stuff, but I love the atmosphere and process of collaboration. It’s my favourite thing.

Check out a video below of Albarn and Gorillaz performing Empire Ants with Little Dragon frontwoman Yukimi Nagano, and be on the lookout for new material from Gorillaz in the not-too-distant future.